Thursday, December 07, 2000

More: McDonalds starts the Arab Boycott process again

McDonald's has responded to many of you, saying that the donation to the Palestinian wounded is at the initiative of the local franchisee (and if you read the website, this is one of the Saudi princes). They also advise that any country who has a website is listed on the main page - and that the Israeli franchisee had a website about certain specials in the past, but now is just not maintaining the website. Israel does appear on other pages, including in their annual report.

Having said that, Lynn Farber forwarded me the following article from Ha'aretz. I think with this, unless there are new developments, I will call the McDonald's subject "closed".

From the Arab press

Big Mac is defeated
By Daniel Sobelman

Al-Hayat al Jedida, November 30

In an op-ed by Fuad Abu Hajla, under the headline "McDonald's"

"What has suddenly happened? Why have McDonald's restaurants in Saudi Arabia suddenly decided to help the Palestinian people? They announced a generous initiative to support children's hospitals in Palestine with 26 cents from every hamburger sold during the month of Ramadan. This is unexpected. We know the truth behind American investments in Arab and Islamic countries, and how a large part of the revenues from these goes to Israel to help the military wield influence in the region.

The very thing that America and Israel feared has happened. The position of demonstrators calling for an Arab Islamic boycott has begun to gain momentum, finding its expression in real actions painful to American institutions. If the boycott of the hamburger has prompted McDonald's to announce this initiative, imagine what a boycott of General Motors or General Electric might achieve...

We believe that McDonald's is only the beginning - and we are convinced the Arab and Islamic nations will broaden the boycott... And just for your information, there are still Israeli factories, even now, working to serve Israeli interests in Arab countries that are neighbors of Palestine."

Al-Hayat al Jedida was founded in 1995 by Nabil Amro, a member of the Palestinian cabinet and a close associate of Yasser Arafat. Published in Ramallah, it is considered the official daily of the PA. Hafez Al-Barghouti is the editor-in-chief.


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