Monday, December 04, 2000

McDonalds starts the Arab Boycott process again

I received the attached from a friend.

There are some companies that deserve to be punished, I'm talking about McDonalds.

Lately McDonalds announced they will donate 30 cents from each meal sold in the McDonalds restaurants located in Saudi Arabia for Palestinian casualties. Fine.

However, if you go into the McDonalds official site at: they ERASED Israel name from the list of the countries!! You can find Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia but NO Israel!!!!

McDonalds say they have restaurant locations in 119 countries all over the world, so where is Israel? Check out the "select country" menu.

The funny thing is that the new Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of McDonalds is a Jewish guy named Jack M. Greenberg.

McDonalds is considering Israel to be one of the most profitable countries for them, so lets hit them where it will hurt them the most:

You can write to McDonalds at:
End Quote

If McDonalds are embarrassed to operate here in Israel, they should close down. Certainly if enough of us withdraw our business, this will only help them in this direction.

World pressure will make that point in other countries where their customers include people who support Israel. Given that not all my friends - or your friends - restrict themselves to kosher food only, the more protests the better!!

Please write to McDonalds. If you are able, write to a congressman.

We cannot let a new Arab boycott start without taking whatever action is in our hands.


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