Tuesday, December 05, 2000


I have received some criticism for "jumping the gun" on passing around the email I received on McDonald's.

I think the best expressed concern is as follows:


David -

This is first time I ever visited the McDonalds site. Although it states that they have restaurants in 119 countries all over the world, only 34 countries are listed in the list. These are specifically countries that have web sites. Since I never visited the site before, I am not certain that Israel was ERASED. Maybe Israel is just one of the countries that doesn't have a site yet. Also, it doesn't state that McDonalds has made a global corporate stance to donate 30 cents from every McDonalds restaurant in the world for Palestenian casualties, only from those restaurants located in Saudi Arabia. Maybe McDonalds Israel would be willing to donate money for casualties on our side. Are you sure all the facts were checked out regarding this one?

Lynn Farber

End Quote

Usually I do more research - and I suspect Lynn may be right. Let me know if you receive a response to any notes you sent.


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