Thursday, November 16, 2000

How will Israel know when Red Crescent ambulances are on a rescue mission or a military vehicle?

Please read the attached news report.

The email address for protest to the International Red Cross is the website is

Red Crescent ambulance used to transport terrorists in Bet Jala (NOV.16 – 12:19-IST)

(IsraelWire-11/16) IDF commanders report that helicopter gunships fired air-to-surface missiles at an abandoned building in Bet Jala that was being used by PA forces to launch shooting attacks against Gilo on Wednesday afternoon, evening and night.

The unnamed military sources, quoted by Israel Radio, report that once again the PA used a Red Crescent ambulance to transport the Tanzim forces to Bet Jala to launch the attacks. Israel has already filed complaints against the PA for violating accepted international and humanitarian laws, detailing several instances in which ambulances and Red Crescent facilities were used in the perpetration of attacks.

PA sources report seven persons wounded in Bet Jala from IDF fire and two buildings were destroyed.

In total, the PA is reporting eight killed in the day’s violence and dozens wounded.


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