Monday, November 20, 2000

Arafat keeps his word

Yassir Arafat has proved his control over the situation. He instructed shooting to stop from "Area A" (under PA control) - and it has. As anticipated, violence has stepped up in other areas (under joint control or Israeli control). The following 2 stories are on the morning schoolbus attack. Let's pray it does not get worse. More details can be found on including reports from yesterday.

IDF commanders begin dissecting Monday
morning terror attack (NOV.20 – 10:33-IST)

(IsraelWire-11/20) The Deputy Division Command in Gaza, Colonel Pini Levy, explained that the attack in Gaza on Monday morning near Kfar Darom was one in which terrorists deliberately chose to hit a schoolbus.

Levy told Israel Radio that the terrorists most likely used a large explosive device placed meters from the road. He elaborated that the attack involved several persons, pointing out the bomb had to be placed on location, requiring a look-out, intelligence information and escape route to name some of the logistics involved.

Levy stated that it should be understood that the terrorist intentionally targeted the yellow schoolbus, waiting for the IDF jeep escort vehicle to pass and then detonating the fatal blast against the armor-plated schoolbus.

The bus was carrying thirty children and adults on their way to school from Kfar Darom when attacked.

An organization calling itself “al-Aqsa” has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Israel Radio is reporting that a military tractor is at this time destroying an agricultural field in the area of this morning’s attack.

Update on victims of Monday terror attack
(NOV.20 – 09:30-IST)

(IsraelWire-11/20) According to the Office of the Spokesperson of Soroka Medical Center, nine victims of the terrorist attack were transported to the trauma center.

Three victims, two males and a female, are listed in serious condition, and are currently undergoing emergency surgery. Three are listed in moderate condition and three in light condition.

Soroka has established an emergency information number for inquiries regarding the wounded. 055-125-122.

A tenth blast victim was transported in light condition to Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon.

Two persons were killed in the blast. The charred remains appear to be that of adults.

There does not appear to be military personnel included among the wounded. Soldiers traveling in armor-plated vehicles were escorting the armor-plated bus. Military commander stated with certainty that the armor-plating of the bus and jeeps averted an even greater tragedy.

Preliminary reports from senior military commanders indicate the explosive device was extremely powerful and resembled blasts used against IDF forces in the former security zone of southern Lebanon by Hizbullah.


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