Wednesday, November 22, 2000

3 short items

1. today sent a request to respond to a VERY one sided piece in the Economist. If you have not yet subscribed, I encourage you to. If you are concerned about being "innundated" with emails, so far this site has sent only one or at most two a week. You can always unsubscribe. Let me know if you want me to forward you the request.

2. I recommend that visit the The Middle East Media and Research Institute (MEMRI) site, at They translate Arabic media. There are many excellent sources. Have a look at the eye-opening article number 155 entitled "Three Palestinian Viewpoints on the Intifada and the Future of the Palestinian State". The three viewpoints are set out as the PA's official position, the Islamic movement's position & that of the Palestinian left. A bit frightening. In summary, they vary on tactics, but the objective is identical - and it does not include a Jewish presence in the Middle East.

3. One of our list members, Moshe Fried, reports that on Galatz (Israeli Army Radio station 96.50 FM) at approximately 7.10am on 19 November 2000 Micha Friedman (a reporter) used the phrase (translated from the Hebrew) "The terrorist attacks and the shooting at the settlements ... ".

Moshe asks 'since when is shooting at settlements "acceptable" and not part of the "piguim" terrorist attacks"? ! Since this is the army radio's way of reporting how can you expect any better from the foriegn media?'

This may seem minor, but I agree with Moshe that the Israeli army radio needs to be careful & consistent - otherwise we can't expect better from the world press. Has the Israeli army de-legitimised the settlements & defined shooting at them not to be terrorist attacks? A short note sent to may help draw attention to the issue.


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