Thursday, December 21, 2000

I have been a bit quiet

I have been a bit busy at work lately - so you have heard less from me. Next week I am going to the family for a short vacation in Eilat - so you will have another break.

Unfortunately, the "other side" do not intend giving us time off. Although the world media only cover the sensational events, if you have been looking at the "Breaking News" site I referred you to, you will have seen that there are several incidents a day, and the Palestinian Authporities will keep the pressure up.

The latest bulletin tells us that things will not immediately improve.


PA’s Tirawi calls for increased attacks against Jews

(BNI-DEC.20) PA intelligence commander Toufiq Tirawi has issued a call for increasing the attacks against Israelis living in Yesha communities in order to inflict more pain and loss.

Tirawi, who commands the PA’s intelligence services in Judea and Samaria, explained that the increase in terror attacks against Yesha residents on the roadways over past weeks is the only reason Israel has agreed to return to the negotiating table. Therefore, he explained, there is a need to continue escalating attacks to obtain additional concessions from Israel.

BNI reports are now featured by:
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I have visited most of these sites, and each one is worth a surf. They range from Evangelical Christian to Evenagelical Jewish and some of the shades in between. Number 4 gives some insights as to how the residents of Efrat (near Jerusalem) are feeling - and it also a general community site, which lets you "into" the day to day life of the community. Number 6. is not updated often - but has a link to a video webcam (with sound) in Gilo pointed at Beit Jala. You can see the rain and hear the traffic. Hopefully there won't be anything more exciting to view! I didn't write to the email addresses, so I can't tell you what they are about.

In the meantime, Happy Channukah to all.


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