Wednesday, December 13, 2000

English Language Information Resources

You may be interested to know that the Jerusalem Post has set up a radio internet site. Aside from Israeli and general music, there is news and commentary reports which can be listened to through the internet. Not a bad way to keep informed. You will find it at . Sure beats the old days that I remember as a teenager of tuning in via indecipherably crackly short wave at an incredibly inconvenient time to grab 3 minutes of English news from Israel.

For people who prefer reading there is the Jerusalem Post at , Ha'aretz in English at and Globes (business newspaper) in English at

To answer those of you who have asked how I feel about the current political juggling, there is a short op-ed piece in Globes ( ) on the right hand side entitled "Two Evils" which sums up my mood quite nicely.


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