Thursday, January 11, 2001

‘Peace Psychosis’ In The Mideast

I refer the attached link to an opinion piece in Newsweek to your attention.
It's nice to read something supportive for a change.

As you might recall, when I first started writing these emails it was in order to provide links to information which would balance the world media.

At the request of some of my "audience" I from time to time add a personal perspective - although I try to make it apolitical (a bit hard!). The distribution list is small, and I only add people if they request to be on.

I have a view that mass mailings are not very effective, although a letter from someone you know is generally read. The intention was that my readers would look at what I had to say, have a look at the links I provide, act on my suggestions when they agree - and pass on the information they feel worthwhile to their friends along with a personal note. There is no copyright, cut & paste can be used freely & I need no acknowledgement.

After some weeks of these emails, I am wondering how effective they are, and whether I should continue. A reader survey is probably the best way.

Please let me know. Do you read what I send? Do you like getting it, or just too polite to tell me to stop? Do you pass the information on to others? If so, to how many? Do you ask them to pass it on? Do you think I am covering the right sort of material? Please let me know. I will interpret "no response" as you did not get this far down the page!


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