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Islam's Position Concerning Treaties

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Duty of the Muslim Towards These Treaties
Shaykh `Abdul Rahman `Abdul Khaliq

The last chapter from "Verdict on the Treaties of Compromise and Peace With the Jews"

Note: This piece represents the perspective of a Muslim scholar on the peace treaty and is presented here since their perspective is often ignored in the media and is important for the Muslims.

And now comes the most important question, that is: What is the duty today on the Muslim as regards these treaties?

The answer:

(1) The first duty is to firmly believe in their invalidity and that because they contain invalid conditions they were born dead the very day they were given birth to; because it is not lawful for the Muslim to conclude an agreement with
the unbeliever for abandoning jihad and abrogating this religious duty, nor for giving up hostility towards the Jews and affirming love and amity for them; for this is leaving the millah. These treaties also contain provisions making it
incumbent to screen out such Ayahs of the Quran and ahadith (statements) of the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, that declare this enmity towards the Jews.

This undertaking constitutes a collusion with the unbelievers for concealing the Deen and knowledge and for suspending the Ayahs of the noble Quran and ahadith of the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, that explain the essence of obligatory relationship with the Jews; and this in fact is driving the Muslims out of Islam and stripping the Ummah of its belief and history.

And since these treaties contain such conditions and stipulate them clearly, they are therefore invalid and it is not lawful for the Muslim to believe in them.

(2) The second duty of the Muslim is to believe that these treaties do not bind him and that it is not lawful for him to give effect to any of their contents except under compulsion and necessity to the extent compulsion is a
valid ground for compliance.

This is so because they contain the above noted invalid conditions and because they have been concluded without the consent and consultation of the men of religion, learning and judgement and because they will spoil the Deen of his sons and progeny, besides spoiling his worldly interests.

(3) The third duty is to work towards overthrowing these treaties. Their position is like the position of every abomination that may be found in the land of Islam and that which it is a duty to abhor and reject according to the
conditions and requirements of rejecting as far as practicable, and to see that there does to accrue to it a worse abomination and that an abomination is not met by another abomination.

(4) The fourth duty is to believe that the Jews, as long as they adhere to their false religion, waging war against Islam and its followers, they are members of a community on whom Allah 's wrath has fallen. It is a duty to fight and confront them as long as they remain on their course of action in fighting Islam, disbelieve in it and commit aggression upon the Muslims.

To detest them is the Deen to be followed for Allah's sake by a Muslim.

(5) The duty to unite the Ummah towards attaining this objective of putting an end to the sway of the Jews in the world and to their tyranny upon the Muslims and their capture of the base of the Night Journey of the Messenger of
Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, and of al-Masjid al-Aqsa.

(6) To believe that the Jews could not have been able to establish their sway in the world to such an extent except after the elimination of Islam from the Arab states and their constitutions and legislation - except as Allah had His
mercy - and the slogans of nationalism and secularism had taken the place of Islam and there had taken up this issue the secularists who fought the Jews under slogans other than Islam, and isolated Islam from this issue. Then when they were unsuccessful, and this is Allah's way of dealing with His creation, and they announced their humiliating surrender and threw themselves under the feet of the Jews, they gave it out as the highest degree of wisdom and reason.

Hence they failed in their war and Allah debased and disgraced them in this life before the hereafter, on account of their moving away from Islam and their discarding of the Book of Allah and the sunnah of His Messenger,peace and
blessings of Allah be on him. And on that account to believe that there cannot be any victory in this issue and any dislodgement of the Jews from the midst of the Ummah and an ending of their sway in the world except by means of Islam in belief, in method and in jihad.

(7) To pray to Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta'ala day and night that He unite the words of the followers of Islam, that He unite their ranks and that He return them to their Deen; and that He prepare for them the means of their victory over
the enemy of Allah and theirs.

And all the praise belongs to Allah, Lord of all beings.


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