Thursday, November 02, 2000

A month of warfare-11/1/00

an interesting summary - if a little one-sided.
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A month of warfare
(IsraelWire-11/1) Following are official statistics released on Tuesday, Oct 31, by the IDF’s Central Command, pertaining to the ongoing warfare in Israel which began on September 29.
The month that passed was accompanied by Arab unrests throughout Israel, with an emphasis on violence placed on areas throughout Yesha, where daily shooting attacks still occur.
There were:
1) Over 3,200 recorded attacks,
2) 600 shooting attacks,
3) 1,397 firebomb attacks,
4) 26 attacks involving explosive devices,
5) 184 Israelis injured,
6) 12 Israelis killed.
There are 10,000 IDF forces deployed throughout Judea, Samaria & Gaza.
In addition, the IDF has confirmed that on Tuesday, Oct 31, the PA for the first time fired anti-tank missiles at IDF forces. The anti-tank missiles were unleashed in Gaza. The PA has already used anti-aircraft missiles against IDF helicopter gunships.
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