Thursday, November 02, 2000

Intifada Funnies

Well - Jews can find the funny sided of anything !!!

A Texan, a Frenchman and an Israeli are on a plane flying over the
Pacific Ocean when the engines stop functioning. The plane crash
lands on a Pacific Island and the 3 are immediately captured by a
tribe of cannibals and taken to their village.

The Chief tells the 3 captives that these cannibals are civilized and
they have a custom on their island that before they eat anyone, they
grant that person his or her last wishes--no matter what they are.

He asks the Texan, "What is your last wish?"

The Texan replies: "I want a 2 inch thick steak with all the
trimmings, cajun fries and case of beer."

The Chief motions to some of his tribesmen who immediately run into
the jungle and come back with the steak, the fries and the beer. The
Texan eats his meal and he is thrown in the pot.

The Frenchman is asked: "What is your last wish?"

He replies: "I'd like a case of the most expensive Champagne and I'd
also like a big plate of escargot cooked in the French manner."

The Chief motions to his tribesmen who immediately rush off into the
jungle and bring back everything the Frenchman asked for. He eats and
drinks his

fill and he is then thrown in the pot.

The Chief turns to the Israeli and asks, "And what is your wish?"

The Israeli looks the Chief squarely in the eyes and replies: "I want
you to kick me in the behind as hard as you can."

The Chief is bewildered and asks the Israeli again, only to receive
the same reply.

The Chief shrugs his shoulders, asks the Israeli to turn around, and
kicks him as hard as he can.

With that the Israeli pulls out a gun and kills the Chief and all of
the other cannibals.

The Texan and the Frenchman look at the Israeli and say: "If you had
that gun why didn't you do anything sooner?"

The Israeli replies: "What? And risk being condemned by the UN for
reacting to insufficient provocation!"

These came from Yisrael Medad....

-- Carl

Somehow I have the feeling that this joke was told to Clinton by
Arafat but not in a funny way:-

"I'm ashamed of you," the mother said. "Fighting with your best
friend is a terrible thing to do."

"He threw a rock at me!" the boy said. "So I threw one at him."

"When he threw a rock at you, you should have come to me."

"What good would that have done? My aim is much better than


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