Wednesday, November 01, 2000

Stop for a moment of prayer

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On Wednesday, November 1st, exactly at 6 PM Israel time, Jews all over the world are going to stop what they are doing to say a prayer:

" Dear God, Master of the Universe Who has given us all
good things, please bring us back from the brink of war
and bless us with peace, wisdom and healing. Guide us
together in love and harmony to our destiny. May we find
only favor in each other and witness the hopeful
vision of swords beaten into plowshares, each under his
vine and fig tree, unafraid, soon in our days. Thank you
for this and for everything that you have given us."

There is a group of women in Israel who are asking every Jewish woman to say four Psalms (numbers 1, 24, 121 and 130) between sunset Thursday, November 2nd and sunset Friday, November 3rd. Why women? The sages tell us that in the merit of righteous women the redemption will come. Through the Psalms, we ask our Creator to have mercy on Israel, on our families, on the whole Jewish people and on the Land of Israel.

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