Thursday, October 26, 2000

Details on Gaza suicide bombing -09:40-IST-OCT/26/00

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More details on Gaza suicide bombing attack (IsraelWire-10/26-09:40-IST) A suicide bomber, presumably a child traveling on a bicycle, detonated an explosive device adjacent to an IDF outpost between Khan Yunis and Kfar Darom. One soldier sustained very light injuries.

According to IDF OC Southern Commander Major-General Yomtov Samiya, it appears almost for certain at this time that the suicide bomber was a child judging by the size of the charred remains of the skeleton. He stated that the findings were preliminary at this stage. Samiya added that this was not the first time that a bicycle was used in such a terror attack, and told Israel Radio that once again we see the “horrific use of children by the PLO Authority (PA)” to continue its campaign of terror. Samiya stated it was difficult to understand how a small school child carrying a schoolbag and riding a bicycle could be used to perpetrate such an attack.

The senior commander added that preliminary information points to the Islamic Jihad organization, but “there is no doubt that the attack was the under the direct orders of the PA,” he added.

Samiya stated that this is not cause for panic, and stressed the military in Gaza is prepared for the worst. He pointed out that the fortified outpost prevented any serious injuries, explaining his forces are well protected and remain on high alert.

IsraelWire will provide additional details as they are made available.


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