Thursday, November 02, 2000


On October 7th 2000, while on a regular military patrol along the Israeli-Lebanese border, our son, Benny Avraham and two other soldiers, Adi Avitan and Omar Souad, were kidnapped. They have been held ever since then in captivity by the Hizbollah movement. Many days have passed and we have not yet received any sign of life. Nor do we have any information regarding their mental or physical state of health. We have no information as to where they are.

International Red Cross delegates have not been allowed to meet with them and to examine them. The days pass. We worry. The constant fear for the fate of our son and his friends is constantly preying on our minds. Thoughts of what they may be going through, the treatment they are receiving and whether maximum effort is being made in order to release them, do not allow us a moment's rest.


The responsibility for the fate, health and safe return of our sons rests on the shoulders of the Israeli government, the Israeli Army and the UN. As the days pass and we hear no news, we become more concerned and fear for their physical and mental well being.

Request for Help

a. We call upon all the International Humanitarian Organizations to act towards the safe return of our sons and to put pressure on the International Red Cross, the UN and any other involved parties to do likewise.

b. Anyone who feels that he/she may have any kind of influence or who can assist in any other way, please do not hesitate: act immediately.

c. Any help will be accepted with love and gratitude. Our contact address is :

Please forward this letter to as many people as possible, through e-mail or any other way

Thank you,
The Avraham Family ,
Chaim, Edna, Efrat and Dafna.


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