Sunday, February 11, 2001

Arab nations freeze PA funds

Well, friends, the elections are over. We have a new Prime Minister. Let's hope that he can form a working government quickly.

You probably noticed that I have been very quiet of late. I deliberately try to avoid party politics. That didn't leave me much to say.

In the meantime, the Jews continue to be responsible for Palestinian suffering....the article at from today's Ha'aretz tells how Israel is being pressured to release money to the Palestinian Authority in order to relieve the economic pressure cooker being created there. The cynical might say we are the only nation ever asked to provide cashflow to fund a war waged against it. Then again, the cynical might note that in the very same paper, the article tells that Arab nations have stopped cashflow allocated for just this purpose because of the rampant corruption in the Palestinian Authority. That might mean that we can let the funds flow with a clear conscience - it won't arrive at its destination anyway. Who me? Cynical?

If anyone challenges our role in the Palestinian suffering, based on these articles the answer seems clear - clean up the corruption so that the Arab states are willing to release the $1b they have pledged. Stop the violence so that Israel can release the funds it is holding.

If you see a one-sided article in your local papers, I urge you to write and remind the readers of the other side.


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