Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is suicide an export commodity?

Dear Friends,

Today, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu risked his position, bowed to American pressure, defied his coalition partners and many members of his own party, and announced that Israel would accept a demilitarized Palestinian state on its borders.  This was immediately rejected by the “moderate” Palestinian President Mahmoud (Abu Mazen) Abbbas and his chief negotiator Erekat.

Why does Netanyahu insist on demilitarization?  Simple.  Israel experimented with a Palestinian state by walking out of Gaza.  After kidnappings, border attacks, weapons smugglings, a war, a cease-fire, this morning’s IDF bulletin once again reported the results. 

“...continuous firing of rockets and mortar shells at Israeli Southern communities from the Gaza Strip… Last night, a Qassam rocket hit a field …Approximately 670 Qassam rockets, Mortar shells and Grad missiles were fired at Israel since the beginning of 2009.”

I guess that on behalf of Israel and its citizens, Netanyahu has decided to leave suicide to the Jihadists.


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