Monday, January 26, 2009

Back in the saddle?

Dear Friends,


During the Gaza war, many of you wrote and asked me to resume my occasional “Letter from  Israel”.  I am not sure that I can explain the many reasons why I stopped writing – it’s been almost a year.  But what I will try to do in answer to those many requests is write very occasional short items of interest, and see where that leads us.


I have posted two new items.


International aid stolen from the Palestinians


Jordanian news agencies report once again, armed gunmen have seized international aid in the Gaza Strip.  Hamas has been caught in the past stealing fuel, medicines and food intended for its citizens at gun point - and then blaming Israel for the "humanitarian crisis".  Interesting that the Jordanians are only concerned when it is aid that THEY sent being stolen.  Meanwhile, UNRWA has asked not to send aid convoys until the issue of the seized convoy is solved.


[I blogged more about this at the Terror Finance Blog, where I am a contributor]


Gazan death toll exaggerated?


The Telegraph reports that the death toll in Gaza may have been inflated.  Apparently Gaza residents have told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that only around 600 Gazans were killed - and that they were mainly Hamas gunmen.  They have also told firsthand about the way civilian infrastructure (including hospitals) were used as a cover for Hamas activities.


[Read the whole story in the Telegraph. Quite a contrast to what “human rights do-gooders would have us believe, eh?]






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