Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What cease fire?

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We all know that operation “Cast Lead” (as the war in Gaza was labeled) was successful in reducing the Hamas attacks on Israel.  What the media may not have mentioned is that the Palestinians are in daily breach of the cease fire, leading to inevitable Israeli responses.  No doubt, as things intensify, you will hear a lot about on Israeli actions –but probably not much about the war crimes that lead up to them… continued Palestinian attacks on civilian targets, using their own women and children as human shields.  The Israel Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center issued a report two days ago, detailing twelve specific  cease-fire breaches in the 13 days prior.  (Scroll to the bottom of the link for a table of events.) Since then,  a Kassam hit Kibbutz Sha’ar Hanegev and a Grad hit Ashkelon, bringing the score to one war crime a day.


It is interesting that while Hamas claims overall responsibility and control of the Gaza strip, at least some of the attacks are being perpetrated by Mahmoud Abbas’ so called “moderate” Fatah faction – which is so generously funded by the EU and other Western governments. 


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