Wednesday, June 13, 2007

UK doctors demand more terror

Dear friends,
Claiming the Israeli Defence Force has "systematically flouted the fourth Geneva convention guaranteeing a civilian population unfettered access to medical services and immunity for medical staff", 130 UK Doctors have called for a boycott of the Israeli Medical Association and its expulsion from the WMA.  As you ponder this, you may recall the way an employee of the Israel-bashing Medecins Sans Frontieres was caught planning to assassinate the Israeli Prime Minister.  Certainly makes you wonder what motivates these good doctors to press Israel to give immunity to medical staff.  And as for "guaranteeing a civilian population unfettered access to medical services", yesterday's Prime Minister's Office press release sure gives the game away - and runs a chill up my spine.

In the wake of precise intelligence information, the ISA, on May 20, 2007, at the Erez crossing, arrested two Palestinian women, who admitted to planning to perpetrate a double suicide bombing in crowded places (restaurants, events halls or any locality with a large concentration of soldiers) in Tel Aviv and Netanya.  They further admitted that they were guided by Islamic Jihad, which exploited Israel's humanitarian policy; the two had received medical entry permits into Israel under false pretenses.

Fatma Yunes Hassan Zak, 39, a resident of Gaza, mother of eight children and pregnant with her ninth, had been responsible for an Islamic Jihad Gaza women's labor office for four years.  She had been in contact with Islamic Jihad terrorists and coordinated contacts on their behalf with women who had volunteered to be suicide bombers.

Approximately three months ago, her niece, Ruda Ibrahim Yunes Haviv, 30, a resident of Gaza and mother of four children, sought her assistance in perpetrating a suicide attack.  Zak, who decided to participate in the attack as well, contacted her Islamic Jihad liaison, who aided the two women in putting their plan into operation.

The two women attended several of their meetings with Islamic Jihad terrorists accompanied by several of their children.  Zak's 19-year-old son, also an Islamic Jihad terrorist, was present as the two women were photographed – holding copies of the Quran and weapons – before setting out.

In order for Zak and Haviv to enter Israel, an Islamic Jihad terrorist obtained an authentic entry permit which indicated that Haviv was due to undergo medical tests at a Ramallah hospital, with Zak as her attending relative.  The terrorist also instructed the two to go to the hospital and actually undergo the test in order to cover their story.  The two women were then instructed to inform Islamic Jihad in Gaza.  They were told that an operative would meet them in Ramallah, provide them with explosive belts, and accompany them into Israel.  Before leaving Gaza, Zak and Haviv trained in operating explosive belts and in firing an AK-47.  They were also instructed on what clothing to wear in order to allay suspicions.

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