Sunday, March 11, 2007

Finland joins Germany, Belgium: Offensive for Jews to object to another holocaust

Dear Friends,
Israeli band Teapacks has created quite a storm with its song "Push the Button". It's been selected to represent Israel in the coming Eurovision song festival. While it does not seem (at least to me) to have sufficient artistic merit to win, stranger things have happened. But the Finnish contest organisers have made sure that it does get ample publicity. Accusing the song of being inappropriately political, the Finns are scrambling for ways to ban the song from the competition. 

The lyrics are a protest against nuclear weapons in the hands of unstable political leaders. And Kobi Oz , teapacks' founder and lead singer, probably knows what he is singing about.  He comes from the southern Israeli town of Sderot - now best known as a target for Palestinian rocket squads firing from the Gaza Strip.  

Tundra Tabloids points out that the Finnish 1982 Eurovision entry was the group Kojo, titled "Nuku Pommin" ("Bomb Out" or better yet "Sleep while the bombs fall"), which told of the threat to Europe during the height of the Cold War when most of Europe were against the US deployment of nuclear tipped cruise and Pershing missiles. So while you ponder the hypocrisy of Finland joining the club of people offended by Jews objecting to being the victims of another holocaust, you can click the links and decide the musical merits for yourself.
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