Sunday, September 17, 2006

Back from vacation

Dear Friends,
Rosh Hashanna is almost here, and I am back after a bit of a spell from my letters. 
It's been an eventful year personally.  A first grandchild, an engagement and Naomi and Aryeh, whom I told you about in my letter Beyond the call of duty are now married.  Having taken some vacation to enjoy the event, it gave me an opportunity to look back on the year in some perspective as well as spend some precious time with visiting family.
It's been a pretty eventful year with Israel's enemies too.  Rocket wars in the north and south, kidnappings, attacks of all sorts, diplomatic pressures.  No doubt I will get back in the saddle and share my perspectives again soon.
Meantime, I hope and pray for a year of blessing, prosperity, good health and most importantly peace for you, your families and all of Israel.
Shana Tova,
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