Thursday, May 27, 2010

Voluntary Palestinian unemployment - on the European dole (again)

After decades of milking the European public to fund a corrupt and violent Palestinian regime, while deliberately keeping the average Palestinian in poverty, the cycle has started again.

With the Palestinians supposedly " proximal" to the peace table, Abbas has decided to ignore his responsibilities to peace, to his own people and to wise fiscal management. He has also decided to ignore the dire situation of the taxpaying public of his European sponsors - and sidestep the fact that whenever under Israeli " occupation" the Palestinian areas have grown economically, and whenever under Palestinian "resistance" they have declined.

Abbas has declared "voluntary" (under pain of traditional Palestinian punishments) unemployment for the 20,000 or so Palestistians gainfully employed in industries in Israeli communities- at a self estimated cost of $50m which he assumes/demands will be paid for by the European taxpayer.(Read about it here )

I would have thought that Europe has enough unemployment problems, without taking on new voluntary or political unemployed.

I would also have thought that the Americans would consider this as deliberate sabotage of the so-called "proximity" peace talks.

I would have also thought that after various "goodwill gestures" by the Israelis at Palestinian and US insistence, the Israeli negotiating team must be wondering if they are just wasting their time - and have once again been tricked by a duplicitous Palestinian leadership.


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